"Adapt for use in a different purpose."

Within my current practice I am very attracted to repurposing rave culture into an art gallery setting.

A large amount of my previous works have included an interest in the spaces that are inaccessible to us under normal circumstances. By the very nature of rave culture it is meant to be elusive, with the beginnings of rave operating secretively in their location due to the time period and an attack on the burgeoning culture from Margaret Thatcher. The illusiveness of raves, their location, the attendees, is what both entices myself to them but also operates as my main barrier to entry, for I have never actually attended a rave. 

I'm at a stage in wanting to attend a rave where I'm old enough to see past a large amount of the ghost stories surrounding them but I now feel that the whole experience would be a massive let down. As rave has spilled into so many aspects of popular culture and been propagated by radio and television, I have already experienced a rave through a sensationalist lens. I find it hard to believe much of the hype surrounding attending a rave and I feel it is because of this that I now take the pleasure from making my own rave audio and imagery. The exciting aspect of the process to me is now the creation, and through creating, I view what was once a mystery differently, with more understanding and knowledge.