Looking at the WatchMojo weird genres of music (yesterdays post) I started experimenting with some 600BPM music, I believe anything over 300BPM is typically considered under the broad term of 'Speedcore'. 

So now my curiosities lie in where the human ear stops hearing beats as separate entities, when they merge into one continuous noise (The intro of One - Swedish House Mafia). At 600BPM with a beat (in some cases half a beat) between the notes it is still distinguishable as a drum beat... I wish to look towards 1000BPM out of curiosity and fascination to work at these elements.

I don't believe I have a desire to produce this style of music for my practice just yet, but who knows, I could surprise myself! 

It's of my desire to produce things that I enjoy listening to, the production of this has definitely given me a migraine. It could well just be my inexperience with the genre...(more than likely the case)