Tie of Audio and Visual

As a large amount of my efforts this year were based around creating visuals to suit the audio (I initially thought it would be better to create audio for the video), when I found this video it is evident that neither imagery or sound were created to work together.

I'm interested as there were many times my video would 'POP' and work really well with the audio, it would sync up briefly, but that just wasn't visually appealing enough. Within this video those pops are often enough to keep me interested but I'm still vary aware of the disconnect. Despite this disconnect I find the combination of the audio and visual to be very pleasant.

As my work has been so heavily focused on this I find myself wondering about the how much is dependant on our aesthetic taste and enjoyment of these very overt effects based visuals. The visuals are exciting to us as they are so unnatural, and cannot exist outside of a digital medium. The alternative to this is the aforementioned representation of the music, whether the visual ties perfectly to the audio and can be universally interpreted as them being entwined together.