Draft Render of Current Animation Experiment

Quite a rough experiment while I was learning to use After Effects expressions properly, similar effect used in the second half of the video to previous works. Mostly I was just interested in the eternal loop of moving circles I got to work!

No audio, Low Quality render.

Spotify Album Release

The album was a combination of all the work I've put together until now, in some ways hastened by the excitement of getting the album published officially, the album is very much about where I was at a particular time and proudly reflects the works created at this period. 

I eagerly anticipate to putting together a fuller and more conceptually realised album in the future alongside my future university work being exhibited in June. 

Intermission show

As you may have noticed via my Instagram page I recently took part in a group show called Intermission in Catalyst Arts Belfast. I have added a teaser from one of the sections below, as well as an audio playlist (below below) from my Soundcloud containing some of the audio shown at intermission (and some that wound up on the cutting room floor!).

MFA Year 2 Experiments

Coming back onto the course the work I have been posting on my Instagram page over the summer greatly influenced the direction of my practice. I started the works for this year taking lead from the final piece from first year, but influenced by texture and pattern.
I have included a rough, low-res example of a current experiment using text to texturise the animations